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Transformation to a Modern kitchen

This beautiful and serene modern kitchen was transformed from the image below.  The owner's wanted the exterior to stay intact as part of the remodel.  The large island houses pot and pan storage, beverage coolers, produce cooler, prep sink and a pop up outlet for appliances.



Microwave drawer frees up counter space

Beverage and wine coolers situated conveniently for entertaining.  Two dishwashers help clean up faster after parties

Storage designed so it is open and doors out of the way when cooking.  Closing the hidden pantry doors and garage keeps appliances and supplies out of sight the rest of the time

built in coffee station located to greet you on the way from the dining and master bedroom wing.  Additional grill provides a more intimate area for owner's Asian speciality dishes to be enjoyed by family

Remodel continues into the adjacent family area with re-styled fireplace, seating and desk area

Before of the area-traditional and not what the owner's desired

Under counter produce cooler provides a convenient place for the "sous chef" to work and keep out of the chef's way!