Through a different lens

Glacier Hills: Living fully at every stage

As we age, spaces that encourage our connection to the world around provide fuller more engaging lives.  Caregivers, residents, family and visitors have warm and welcoming spaces to explore, share and be together

Kitchen and conversation- gathering around the table for coffee or a snack, planning a meal or being apart of the smells and stimulation is a kitchen is fostered in this homey kitchen.

Aviary and ample sunshine provide a perfect spot to watch birds or see whats growing.   In the warmer months the planters offer opportunities for indoor gardening.  The access to touching and smelling earth and plants is an important connection to many of us.

Garden corners......

For trying on or just looking

Hearth and home-furnishings and items encourage well-being, and can soothe anxieties

Porch time

Collections of birdhouses among the conversation and interest pieces


Sunny corners and conversation

The Den-A place for movies, sporting events or hanging out with your friends