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210 Collingwood Ste 106 Ann Arbor MI 734-223-0162

Our designs are an insightful response to the purpose that drives your business, personal life or community goals.  Design is a tool to achieve results with powerful outcomes, and mixes a unique synthesis of the many goals, priorities and constraints you have for your project..  Timeliness, ease of construction, costs, functionality, connection to the natural world and spirit are all important.  Sustainability is not simply efficiency, but the ability to provide pleasure, contribute to the community and ease of use now and in the future.  

Everything gets designed; either with intention or by default.  

We think if your going to spend money creating something it deserves intentionality to make it as robust as time, budget and desire allow.


Links-Contractors+ Products:

Patcraft Carpets

Watermark construction

carpenterguy – (734)-476-2607, 

Tom Mehringer, The Construction Team – 1277 Bird Road, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (734) 996-3591

K & B Carpentry (Michigan thumb area), 8160 Jenks Road, Harbor Beach, MI 48441, (989-479-9003) ,